The Last Federation:Evucks

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TLFEvuckIcon.png Evucks
Alignment Neutral
Ship strength
Ground strength 1
Construction speed 1.1
Shipbuilding speed 1.1
Research speed Fast
Population growth Medium
Quiet, studious, kept to themselves. We paid little attention to them. If we had, we would have seen them develop sciences far beyond our own. We would have seen our death...

Quiet and studious race, these are the most advanced beings in the solar system. Unfortunately, they are also amoral. They are not above unleashing horrible diseases on enemies, stealing every technology that isn't nailed down, or even blowing up their own planet if they think they have no hope of survival.


The Evucks act entirely in their own self-interest, and resent help from outsiders (often causing bad blood with the Andors). They have one of the highest research speeds in the game (roughly on par with the Skylaxians) and tend to dominate the late game. Though their ground troops are merely mediocre, their tech advantage means they can usually hold their own in a fight.

They have a wide range of deal options, and the player can have them use their spy probes to damage enemy planets (at the cost of influence with non-evil races).

If their last planet is a gas giant and they feel sufficiently cornered, they can ignite said gas giant, which if successful will destroy everything in a large part of the solar map.


The Evuck Council of Elders is a 7-member interplanetary body with membership that never changes unless one of the Elders dies. Given their extremely long life, this pretty much means assassination. Worse yet, the Evucks are extremely resistant to outside influence of even a positive sort; with every political deal you make, you increase their resentment against your "meddling." This in turn jacks up Credit costs with them. As time passes, their resistance fades back to nothing. However, if a specific council member's disposition is not to your liking, you can use bribes to change it. After the bribe rating on a member reaches 1000, a new disposition is rolled at random for that member.