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TLFThoraxianIcon.png Thoraxians
Alignment Evil
Ship strength
Ground strength 50
Construction speed
Shipbuilding speed
Research speed Slow
Population growth Medium
The Thoraxians are something out of a nightmare. No-one in their right mind would risk an invasion by them.

Monstrous nightmares. Each planet is ruled by a hive queen, who controls all the workers on her world. They are efficient killers, the most deadly force in the solar system now that the Hydrals are gone. They aren't evil per se, but they have no concept of the value of others' lives. They can be a powerful ally if you manage it, but they are very hard to please.




Each Thoraxian planet has its own hive queen, and she has her own mood based on her local circumstances as well as the Thoraxian situation in general. Dealing with one hive queen versus another, you may get a better or worse deal depending on their respective moods. Bribing a hive queen is interesting, as there isn't a whole lot she can't get for herself. But if you please her, your influence with her race goes up. The time to her next mood shift also goes down.