Tidalis:1.016 Official Release

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Notes From The Producer: January 18th, 2011

This release doesn't include any new content, but it really improves the game in general. The biggest change here is an upgrade of the Unity 3D engine (which powers Tidalis) from version 2.6 to version 3.1. The number of improvements in the Unity engine between those two versions is nothing short of staggering, and that alone fixes the unable-to-set-screen-resolution issues on OSX, as well as making performance better in general. It also resolved some annoying font wrapping issues that were caused by the Unity 2.6 engine.

Going along with that, for AI War 4.0 we had to develop out a new, higher-performance rendering pipeline to go on top of the Unity engine; the rendering pipeline we'd been using in Tidalis just wasn't nearly fast enough to handle AI War. Tidalis is a much lighter-weight game visually compared to AI War, but even so we've backported the new pipeline from AI War to Tidalis, and the result is a puzzle game that runs even smoother, and which will run well on even slower hardware. Great news for netbooks and older laptops.

Another huge mechanics addition is the addition of a second keyboard player. Previously, Tidalis supported one mouse player and one keyboard player. Now it supports one mouse player and up to two keyboard players, all on one computer. This is particularly useful for those players who are mapping gamepads to the keyboard keys. It also increases the game from being up to 2 player local (6 player online) to being 3 payer local (6 player online), although it's still a maximum of two actual game boards in local or online play.

Aside from all of the above, there are also a small number of general polish bugfixes that have been spread out over a number of the releases below. The other big news is that we've introduced Tidalis Lite, a scaled-down web version of the game that players can enjoy for free. We hope that if you like Tidalis lite, you'll consider checking out the full game!


--Christopher M. Park

Beta Updates Cumulatively Included In This Official Release

  • December 21, 2010: 1.012 Beta (Bugfixes)
  • December 20, 2010: 1.011 Beta (Bugfixes)
  • December 14, 2010: 1.010 Beta (Bugfixes, And Fanfare-Disable Option)
  • December 11, 2010: 1.009 Beta (Bugfixes)
  • December 9, 2010: 1.008 Beta (Unity 3.1, Second Keyboard Player, Bugfixes)
  • August 30, 2010: 1.007 Beta (Bugfixes)
  • August 29, 2010: 1.006 Beta (Monitor Resolution Support Improved)

IMPORTANT - Direct Download Links

The in-game updater should work just fine for anyone with an Internet connection, but if you'd like a patch that you can manually apply, here are the links for that. Bear in mind that you must already have version 1.005 or later of the game for these patches to work—they are not cumulative for versions older than 1.005.

New & Updated Levels

New & Updated Art/Music/Sound

Gameplay Additions

Gameplay Updates

New Level Editor Features


  • The game now uses slightly better random number generation.
  • Some internal localization changes have been made.
  • License keys now accept any kinds of dashes or hyphens.


Internal Programming Notes