Tidalis:1.500 Official Release - Linux Support

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  • Fixed a localization issue in level 42.
    • Thanks to Ptival and Irandael for reporting.
  • The Unity engine (that runs the game) has been updated to version 4.2. For the most part this has no effect, although it does allow us to create a Linux version of the game for the first time.
    • HOWEVER, this does also change the minimum system requirements for the windows and OSX versions of the game:
      • On OSX, an Intel processor is now required; previously, the (by now very old) PowerPC processors were allowed.
      • On Windows, Windows XP SP2 or later is now required. Previously, you could play on Windows 2000 (which is, of course, now 14 years old).
      • If either of these system requirement increases cause an issue for you, simply using the previous version of Tidalis and not upgrading will not harm your experience in any way.
  • The new, faster, cross-OS updater that we first debuted in The Last Federation has now been brought to Tidalis.
  • The OSX build is now universal (32bit or 64bit), rather than just being 32bit.
  • Linux support (32bit and 64bit) has been added!
  • Unless you use the public demo download, you no longer need to enter a CD key to turn the game from demo mode into full mode. This is very convenient for Steam, and for the download from our store.
  • The animations were not working in the Fishing Village, Lava Flats, or Volcano themes for some reason. Fixed.