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Q: How does scoring work?

A: Most of the game modes simply use the standard scoring model:

Standard Scoring

Points are awarded every time a chain is cleared. The first block in a chain is worth 10 times the depth of that chain in the combo, and every other block in the chain is worth 10 points more than the previous block. The value of the chain is then multiplied by the chain's depth in the combo. If the chain contains any white blocks, its value is doubled.

So, if you cleared 4 chains where the first is 3 blocks, the second was started by the first chain and is 5 blocks (2 of which are white), the third was also started by the first chain and is 4 blocks, and the fourth was started by the third chain and is 3 blocks, the score would be:

1*(10+20+30) + 2*2*(20+30+40+50+60) + 2*(20+30+40+50) + 3*(30+40+50) = 1500.

You also receive 1 point for every block that falls into the well. Special blocks are worth 100 points each when they are cleared from the board.


In levels that use the Light-Up game style, the regular scoring does not apply. Instead, every time all the tiles on the board are lit up, you gain 100,000 points divided by the number of moves it took you to light up the entire board (rounded down to the nearest whole number).

So, if you cleared the entire board in 23 moves, your score would be:

    100,000 / 23 = 4347

Line Clear

In levels that use the Line Clear game style, the regular scoring does not apply. Instead, every time a line is cleared, the player receives points. Lines are only cleared when the active combo that contains a line-to-clear is actually completed, and so combos do cause score multipliers.

  • If one line is cleared:
    • Score is 100 * the number of columns.
  • If more than one line is cleared:
    • Base score from above is multiplied by ( 1 + ( 2 * number of lines being cleared ) )

Put mathematically, the scoring for line clear is:

    sum from i=1 to n of 2^(i-1) * (100 * board.Width)

Note: If Light-Up and Line Clear modes are used together, only the scoring from Light-Up mode applies.


The score from an entire chain becomes negative whenever any stream from that chain passes over an inverter. This inversion does not affect other chains in the combo, if there are any.