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Ship Mechanisms

  • Attack
    • ammunition types and immunity (old page)
    • attack multiplier (hull bonus)
    • armor (also armor piercing, etc) (old page and... wtf? this)
    • area of effect
  • Health
    • repair
    • self attrition
    • self damage
    • regeneration
    • vampirism
  • Hull Types [REVAMP]
  • Speed
    • speed boost
    • gravity effect
    • engine damage
    • paralysis
    • teleport
  • Range
    • radar dampening
    • close-combat
    • retreat range
  • reclamation
  • swallow
  • boosts (?) (attack, speed, armor, ...)
  • (mobile) shield (?) (sh.bearer, riot control, ...)
  • capturable / captured on planet ownership change
  • Immunities

AI Special Units

  • Hunter/Killer
  • AI Carrier
  • AI Beachhead (Plot)
  • AI Galactic Control Ship (Showdown Device)
  • Avenger (Plot)
  • AI Mothership (Fallen Spire)
  • Core Starship (???)


  • Humanity: only playable race in AI War, mankind was nearly exterminated by the AI and is now seeking an opportunity to land a deadly strike at its opponent.
  • The AI: seemingly created by Humans during their civil war, the AI now seems preoccupied in another galaxy with grander design than Human's remains extermination.
  • Zenith: eons old alien race only represented by its technological remains and scattered beings.
  • Neinzul: insectoid aliens of eternal children with extremely short life span.
  • Spire: mineral alien specie whose empire sprawl many distant galaxies.



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