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In A Valley Without Wind, there are currently four general classes of bosses, listed in increasing order of difficulty:


Mircobosses are the easiest types of bosses in the game. Simply they are named versions of regular monsters with increased stats. Microbosses can be found in bandit raiding parties and as part of a resource guard group.


Minibosses are class of bosses that you will run into the most often. Unlike microbosses, minibosses are unique monsters. Minibosses can be found in a variety of places such as Rare Commodity Towers, Underground Cave Systems, as the leader of a resource guard group and inside Evil Outposts and Evil Lairs. Minibosses that are found in Underground Cave Sysytems are different from the types you will encounter in surface regions.


Lieutenants serve under an Overlord and can be found inside Evil Outposts. Lieutenants stay at the top of their Evil Outpost and have several minibosses that you must fight through to reach them. Lieutenants that have not been defeated will aid a nearby Overlord if you attack the Overlord inside of their Evil Lair.


Overlords are the most powerful boss in the game. They reside at the top of Evil Lairs with minibosses guarding the way up. Overlords oppress the lands of Environ and people everywhere will rejoice if an Overlord is slain. Slaying and Overlord is no easy task though. Overlords are extremely powerful making for a difficult fight. Be careful though, if there are surviving Lieutenants nearby, they will aid the Overlord in a fight making things much more difficult.