Valley 1:Pausing The Game

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How Do You Pause The Game?

Press the 'P' key or the escape key to pause the chunk you are currently in. To unpause, press P again, or click the "Back to Game" button in the escape menu.

Pressing 'P' or escape to pause the current chunk doesn't stop the passage of time (and thus the expiration of missions, the passage of day/night cycles, etc). In multiplayer, it also doesn't affect other players in other parts of the world. This is really useful, because that way a server with a lot of players can have one group of players paused (if they feel they need to), while the rest of the players keep right on playing like normal.

What Can You Do While Paused?

While you're paused, you can shuffle around your inventory and even your enchants, if you want. You can also mouseover enemies and objects that are onscreen to get information about them. Details about specific attacks, weakspots, and such remain hidden from you. But you can get a basic overview of how much damage the enemy does at base (though specific attacks will often vary from that base, if an enemy has multiple attacks). If you're using Tab Targeting, you can still change targets while paused, which may make it easier to select the correct one when there's tons of enemies around.

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