Valley 1:What is "Tab Targeting?"/Isn't Tab Targeting Too Easy?

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Tab targeting allows players to play A Valley Without Wind without using the mouse. To use it, simply press the tab key on your keyboard, and it will draw a line from you to an enemy. You can press the key multiple times to cycle between the various enemies in your chunk. With tab targeting enabled, using a spell that would normally be aimed fires the spell in a straight line towards the enemy that is targeted.

It's important to note that there is no assistance when targeting this way. All spells move in one line, and never directly towards the weakspots of the enemies. This means that if a player wants to hit enemies in their weak spots, or move their shot around some terrain, they must change their firing position. Depending on the spell, and on the enemy, and your position, this can actually make the enemy much more difficult to hit than if you were aiming normally, and some unusual tactics might have to be used in order to do certain things with this method of aiming. For example, Clockwork Probes are particularly vulnerable to the Tidal Pulse spell. However, their rapid horzontal movement means that standing below them and using Tab Targeting to fire Tidal Pulse at them is most likely going to miss by a wide margin, since they are moving fast, and Tidal Pulse moves rather slowly. Hitting this enemy with this spell, using Tab Targeting, generally requires that you first leap up, so you are on the same horizontal level, and THEN fire a couple at it. Many different enemies require odd tactics like this when using the targeting system, and many spells become more difficult to use, such as the rock-throw spells, or Luminous Arc.

So while there are definite advantages to this method of aiming, it also has plenty of downsides. It's up to the player as to what method of aiming they prefer to use.

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