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* [[AI War - Choosing An AI Opponent|What are suggestions for a good first AI opponent?]]
* [[AI War - Choosing An AI Opponent|What are suggestions for a good first AI opponent?]]
* [[AI War - AI Opponent Types|AI Opponent Type Descriptions]]
* [[AI War - AI Opponent Types|AI Opponent Type Descriptions]]
* [[AI War - Prerequisites to Winning|Steps Required To Win]]
* [http://www.arcengames.com/aiwar_videos.php Video Tutorials (See An Expert Play)]
* [http://www.arcengames.com/aiwar_videos.php Video Tutorials (See An Expert Play)]

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AI War: Fleet Command is a space-based RTS with incredible AI and the largest number of units (30,000+ in most games) of any game we know of. Up to eight players team up against two deadly AI civilizations in lengthy, multi-session campaigns spanning an 80-120 planet galaxy map. More About AI War

Community Wiki

The primary ArcenWiki is maintained by Arcen Games staff only, since it serves as a manual and a source of official information about the game. However, many of our players expressed a desire to contribute strategies and other play advice, so we have a public Community Wiki set up for those purposes: http://www.arcengames.com/communitywiki/

Starting A New Campaign

General Gameplay

Multiplayer Co-Op






Ship-Specific Game Mechanics

Ship Strategies & Errata


Higher Difficulties Only

Design Philosophy



Release History

Please note that there are generally prerelease beta versions available at any given time of the year, and there have been literally hundreds of those in between all of the official releases noted below.

What's New In 4.0

Brace yourself: but the entire combat, repair, economic, and construction models have been almost completely rewritten. To the novice player these changes are subtle enough that it feels like basically the same game. To the more experienced player, these changes are a dream come true, shaving off rough edges left and right and leaving something simpler and more elegant in its place. We had a corps of 95 community members giving us feedback, after all, so there's been a lot of vetting of this from both newer and experienced players. The main benefits of these particular changes are simplicity, transparency-to-the-player, and internal accuracy in outlier situations. •As part of the new combat model, the old concept of "shields" (as distinct from "force fields") has been removed, and the random-hit-chance and range-related components of the hit chance calculations are gone. In place of this is a new, simpler, and far better "armor" system that affects damage output instead of hit chance. •One key simplification in this new version is the removal of all the internal ship-specific damage multipliers. In their place, we now have a small number of new "hull types" and ships get visible bonuses against them. This also removes the "Strong Vs and Weak Vs" display in favor of both the raw hull attack multipliers display and a new Reference tab when really detailed data is needed (presumably not often). •Following on with those massive changes, every last ship in the game has been rebalanced to a heavy degree, sometimes pretty much completely

Technical Support