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What are suggestions for a good first AI opponent?

Q: What would you call a good "default AI" setting to fight against?

A: The answer to that really depends on your play style. I'd suggest doing two different AI types, as that can make for more of a balance (playing double of any given AI type can really amplify whatever that AI's characteristics are). Some notes:

  • If you find extensive offense tedious, then turtles or things close to them are not the way to go (but since they never attack you via waves -- though still Cross Plant Attacks -- you'll have more resources than you might expect, thanks to saving a ton on your defense ).
  • If you find defense to be overly challenging, then something like mad bomber is probably not the way to go.
  • The Entrenched Homeworlder is basically one of the most average types of AIs all around, with moderate attack and defense capabilities. Fortress Baron is another one that was a traditional average AI type. Doing one of each of those is often a good starting fit, and was actually the default starting setting way back.
  • Starting with simply to Random Easier AIs on a difficulty that is appropriate for you is often a good way to get started, too.

AI Opponent Types by Expansion

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