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This page is updated for game version 5.035 and should still be correct

Force Fields are a very powerful defensive structure that projects an energy shield in a circle around itself.
They come in two flavors, a stationary version that can be constructed as its own structure and a module version for mounting on ships equipped to carry them.

Units protected by a Force Field will have a small blue circle surrounding them.
When a unit is protected by a Force Field, any damage directed at that unit is absorbed by the Force Field instead.
As they take damage, Force Fields shrink so it is only necessary to knock the Force Field down enough to reach the unit you wish to destroy, you do not have to totally destroy a Force Field to be able to damage a unit it was protecting.
A Force Field also prevents a ship from moving through the space its shield occupies, a force field mounted on a mobile ship can in fact push enemy ships aside as it moves.
A common tactic is to put a Force Field over a wormhole to prevent enemy ships from entering that worm hole.
If a enemy ship enters a wormhole on the far side and exits a wormhole covered by a Force Field, it gets instantly pushed to the edge of the Force Field, placed on its closest edge to the wormhole.

NB: Here is a glitch that can but should not necessarily be abused. If one stacks a sufficient number of forcefields at multiple angles over the wormhole, incoming forces will be completely trapped within the bubble. A "more legitimate" use of forcefields at a incoming wormhole is to funnel the exiting enemy with two or three FFs into a crack which can subsequently be targeted by beam weapons/mines/etc.

Units are always protected by a friendly Force Field if possible, the Immunity: Force Field attribute applies to enemy Force Fields only.

When human units are protected by a human stationary force field, such as the Force Field or Hardened Force Field all attacks they make have their Attack Power reduced by 75%.
The exception is the Lightning Turret and Flak Turret whose attack power is only reduced by 25% while protected by a Force Field.

Mobile Force Fields, such as the Force Field Modules on Riot Starships or Mobile Shield Bearers do not reduce the attack power of protected units.
AI Force Fields never reduce the attack power of the units they protect.

If a ship has the Immunity: Force Field, enemy Force Fields can do nothing against that unit.
They can move through Force Fields and target enemy units protected by a Force Field as if the Force Field was not there.
Stationary structures will often have the Immunity: Force Field to prevent enemy mobile Force Fields from pushing them around.

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