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Golems are Zenith ships (or more accurately Zenith beings) which are a notch ahead of Starships in terms of size and power. They were first introduced in the Zenith Remnant expansion.

Broken Golems

The Broken Golems form a Minor Faction. They were destroyed in a very old war. This minor faction comes in three difficulties but they all seed several broken golems in the galaxy that must be captured and rebuilt in order to be used. The easy difficulty does nothing to balance the presence of the golems; the moderate difficulty increases their Energy cost and the hard difficulty makes the AI periodically send Exogalactic Strikeforces. Each golem can be one of the following types:

Armored Golem
This incredibly tough golem can blast through even the strongest armor with wave after wave of intense plasma-flame.
Artillery Golem
Fires extremely, extremely powerful artillery shots over long ranges. Its movement speed is very slow, though. Great for taking out very heavily defended targets.
Black Widow Golem
This fast, giant-spider-like golem can catch and immobilize large groups of ships with its many high-range paralyzing tractor beams and powerful, engine-destroying multi-shot cannons.
Cursed Golem
The Cursed Golem is less durable than other golems, but can project its high firepower over effectively infinite range.
Hive Golem
Large, slow transport that automatically fills over time with up to 500 small wasp ships. When the wasps are unloaded, they will automatically spread out and attack enemy ships on the current planet; they cannot be directly controlled, cannot leave the current planet, and lose health slowly over 3 minutes.
Regenerator Golem
Has very little in the way of weapons, but is able to use its own health to resurrect allied mobile ships that are killed on the current planet. Resurrected ships are teleported to the golem at full health at no cost beyond the health of the golem. The regeneration function stops when the golem drops to 10% health or lower.

Special Broken Golems

Botnet Golem
The Botnet Golem has a special ability so powerful that it has its own Minor Faction, which triggers its own Exogalactic Strike Force if its selected difficulty is set to hard.
Nomad Beacon
This broken golem is part of the Nomad Planets minor faction and, once repaired, can influence the movement of the nomad planets.
Exodian Blade
This broken golem is the centerpiece of its own minor faction. While the game's galaxy filters consider it a regular broken golem, the Exodian campaign's story reveals it is a Spire being.

Living Golems

The following golems are part of their own Minor Factions. They can't be controlled by players.

Zenith Trade Ship
This peaceful roaming golem can sell powerful structures to both AI and humans.
Devourer Golem
This indestructible roaming golem eats every movable units it finds, AI and human alike.
Mining Golem
These golems sometimes spawn on several planets at a time and entirely mine them if not stopped before.
Dyson Sphere Golem
This immobile golem spawns servants to fight and can be befriended or angered by some player actions.