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How Do I Get To The "Special Move" Context Menu?

1) Select some of your ships. 2) Open the top-level context menu by holding alt, and right-click empty space (this is the default keybinding, it can be changed). 3) Click "Special Move" in the top-level context menu.

What Do The Options On The Special Move Context Menu Do?

  • Set Destination
    • Makes the next left-click on space set the destination of the proposed move order (sets the location of the "X").
  • Group Move
    • If toggled on, makes the proposed move use group-move logic (like what you get with G+right-click).
  • Formation Move
    • If toggled on, makes the proposed move use formation-move logic (like what you get with J+right-click).
  • Then there's a "spinner" toggle that has three states you can change between by left-clicking it (I think right-click toggles it in the other direction, but I forget) :
    • Fire While Moving - no modifier, normal stance.
    • Stop To Engage (Attack Move) - makes the proposed move use attack-move logic (like what you get with X+right-click).
    • Chase Enemies (Free Roaming Defender) - makes the proposed move use free-roaming-defender logic (like what you get with V+right-click).
  • Queued Move
    • If toggled on, queues the order on to the end of the existing command lists (like what you get with shift-right-click).
  • Execute
    • Actually issues the proposed move order.
  • Catch Right Clicks
    • Will treat right clicks outside the context menu as if setting the destination point and issuing the order immediately. This can be very useful if you want to set up a complex movement order type and issue several queued commands without holding down several keys the entire time.
    • Another way of understanding it: Catch Right Clicks just lets you use the menu faster, by making a right click act exactly the same as:
      • Left-click "Set Destination"
      • Left-click spot my mouse is on (that was right-clicked)
      • Left-click "Execute"
  • Remember Modes
    • Normally when you open the Special Move menu it sets its Group, Formation, and Stance toggles from the state current selection. If "Remember Modes" is on, these toggles will stay on whatever settings you left them on (until you exit the program). This can be useful when giving the same types of complex move orders to distinct groups.
  • Back
    • Goes back to the top-level have-ships-selected context menu.