AI War:Zenith Miners

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Every four hours or so multiple Mining Golems will appear from deep space on player and/OR AI planets, and will consume those planets unless they are destroyed before they complete their task. The destruction of a planet won't harm player or AI ships, but destroys the planet itself and all resource gather points on that planet. This also prevents you from getting supply on that planet for the rest of the game.

This Minor Faction adds a periodic event where Mining Golems spawn on several planets. This event is triggered every four hours or so. When triggered, several Mining Golems will spawn on different planets around the frontier between AI and human territories (these planets may be AI or player controlled). The golems are spawned along the outer edge of the gravity well of the system they target and stay stationary while a 30 minutes countdown progresses. When that countdown reaches zero, each mining golem still alive will mine the entire planet it is on. A planet mined by a golem looses Energy and [AI War:Metal|]] productions, Supply and any remaining Knowledge. (It is worth noting that the lack of supply also affect the AI.) As long as the Mining Golem is destroyed before the countdown finishes, there is no further effect.

As AI units will not target them, players must venture in AI planets if they value the resources there. Players' allies (including friendly Neinzul Roaming Enclaves) will react to kill them.

The difficulty of the Minor Faction influence the quantity of spawned golems.