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Bots in Bionic Dues are the enemies which the player must shoot their way through in order to complete the game.

Most bots has a unique special property that often acts as their defining characteristic. On weaker bots, this special property is often a "bug" that acts as the bot's weakness; properly exploiting this weakness is key to gaining a tactical advantage in the game. More powerful bots, on the other hand, tend to have mostly or strictly beneficial properties.

Every ingame day, bots are manufactured for the robot army, and a number of bot types (depending on level) are selected to receive a level-up. Higher-level bots have increased damage, shields and range. Completing a Factory mission will reduce the level of bots selected to be in the robot army on the final day, and prevent most or all bots from levelling up that day.

Bot categories


Normal bots make up the major part of the enemy in missions. Five types of normal bots are selected to make up part of the robot army in each game. The number of normal bots in the robot army can be reduced through Lion's Den missions.


Special bots are added to missions in small amounts to provide a greater challenge. They do not appear in the robot army, although they are present in Lion's Den missions.


Boss bots are rare and powerful bots that only appear in the final mission and on Assassination missions. Two types of boss bots are selected to make up part of the robot army in each game.


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