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The Robot Army

A numerous army of misfits and behemoths. There exists 47 types of bots in the base game, ranging from the relatively insignificant Dumbot to the practically invulnerable Doombot. Your task in quelling the uprising does not involve destroying every rebel in the city - their numbers are endless, being fuelled by the city's manufacturing sector. It is enough to bleed them dry, force their hand into an assault upon your HQ, then crush their morale with a successful final stand.

Robot Manufacturing

A fancy little number at the bottom of the screen enumerate the current capacity for the Robot Army to fill their ranks. Each day, more assembly lines will be converted into making more Bots. This number does not represent the number of Bots to be spawned each day, but a budget that will be spent. Each Bot will cost the army a certain number of points.

Note that completing a Factory mission will not affect this number. Factories you have been authorised to destroy are responsible for upgrading the stats of existing Bots, represented by their Level.