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Notes for modding, balancing and wiki editing: GameEntityReferenceData.csv is automatically placed in PlayerData after the game is started.

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Here are the basic ship types, according to their unique ship icons in-game.

Fleet Roles Sub-types Ship list


Role: Slowing enemies

SpiderSpider: stronger engine damage.

V-WingV-Wing: weaker engine damage. Damage bonus against weak engines.

Role: Wormhole attack

Pulsar TankPulsar Tank: damage bonus when exiting wormholes (and fleet?).

RaiderRaider: immunity to speed-related maluses.

StingrayStingray: damage bonus against units under bubble forcefields.

VanguardVanguard: damage reduction from enemies when exiting wormholes.

Role: Ambush

RaptorRaptor: damage bonus if the target has recently appeared in the system.

Role: Sniping

Sentinel FrigateSentinel Frigate: cloak reveal. No damage bonus.

StingrayStingray: damage bonus against very fast targets

Role: TBD

Ablative GatlingAblative Gatling: damage bonus against targets with high albedo.

Agravic PodAgravic Pod: cloaked. Damage bonus against strong engines.

Autocannon MinipodAutocannon Minipod: cloaked. Damage bonus against high armor.

Fusion BomberFusion Bomber: all damage applied directly to hull, ignoring shields. Further damage bonus if enemy shields are still strong.

EyebotEyebot: cloaked. Damage bonus against enemies with weak reactors (energy use).

ParasiteParasite: enemies that have been damaged by this ship will be raised as an automated ally if it dies.

Space PlaneSpace Plane: damage reduction from enemies far away.

Role: Melee

Vampire ClawVampire Claw: cloaked. Leeches life from enemies.

Vicious Metabolizing GangsawVicious Metabolizing Gangsaw: self damaging unit, but converts its damage into metal income

Role: Guided bombs

Auto BombAuto Bomb: explodes on contact to deal area damage.

AI only

EtherjetEtherjet: cloaked. Carries a tractor to snag enemies.


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