AI War:Dire Guardians

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Dire Guardians are oversized Guardians, equivalent in power and size to AI-made Golems. The AI only uses these monstrosities against humans in special events like Exogalactic Strikeforces. The rare Dire Guardian Lairs can also build them when alerted by nearby human forces. They are all MkV units and there is no lower mark equivalent.

AI War:Dire Artillery Guardian
Dire Artillery Guardian
Fires extremely powerful energy-artillery shots.
AI War:Dire Disassembler Guardian
Dire Disassembler Guardian
Can swallow many enemy starships whole, gradually disassembling them inside. If the disassembler is destroyed, any surviving starships inside will emerge.
AI War:Dire Gravity Guardian
Dire Gravity Guardian
Mounts an incredibly powerful gravity generator slowing down enemy units in a wide area around it.
AI War:Dire Implosion Guardian
Dire Implosion Guardian
Mounts dozens of powerful implosion cannons that do more damage to targets with more health.
AI War:Dire Infiltration Guardian
Dire Infiltration Guardian
Extremely deadly machine with the ability both to stay hidden until it strikes, and to both pass through and shoot through your forcefields.
AI War:Dire Laser Guardian
Dire Laser Guardian
Armed with a multitude of poweful laser cannons that can cut swaths through enemy fleets.
AI War:Dire MLRS Guardian
Dire MLRS Guardian
Fires many powerful rockets at any enemy unfortunate enough to enter attack range.
AI War:Dire Munitions Boosting Guardian
Dire Munitions Boosting Guardian
Provides a powerful boost to the attack power of allied units in a wide range.
AI War:Dire Needler Guardian
Dire Needler Guardian
This vicious machine bristles with massive needlers.
AI War:Dire Raider Guardian
Dire Raider Guardian
Very fast, and fires many high-powered shells.
AI War:Dire Shield Guardian
Dire Shield Guardian
Protects nearby allied units with its extremely powerful forcefield generator.
AI War:Dire Sniper Guardian
Dire Sniper Guardian
Mounts a few incredibly powerful rail-cannons with effectively infinite range.
AI War:Dire Spider Guardian
Dire Spider Guardian
Armed with a very powerful "shotgun" designed to cripple enemy engines.
AI War:Dire Tractor Guardian
Dire Tractor Guardian
Mounts an incredibly powerful multiplex tractor beam that can carry entire enemy fleets away.
AI War:Dire Widow Guardian
Dire Widow Guardian
Mounts an incredibly powerful multiplex tractor beam that can carry entire enemy fleets away AND paralyze them.