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About The Planetary Summary

Q: Can you explain what that planetary summary thing on the right side of the screen does? I get the general idea, but the specifics aren't as clear as I would like.

A: The Planetary Summary is the palette of ships shown under the minimap on the right-hand side of the screen. You can always see your ships and allied ships on that palette, but if your team controls the planet or you have a scout present, you can also see the enemy ships listed there.

Hovering over the individual icons in this palette will show you more information about all of the ships present at the planet which share that icon. This information includes how many of each you and allies have, and (if your planet or a scout is present) how many enemy ships of that type are present. One huge benefit that this provides is that you can quickly see what kind of enemy forces are present on the planet, and you can hover over their icons to see their tooltips, giving you detailed information on any ship in the system. This is a valuable time saver when you are being attacked by unfamiliar ships!

Icons are ordered and colored by ship role and owner as follows:

  1. Your military units (fighter, turret, etc) show up as blue icons with orange borders.
  2. Your economic units (scout, engineer, docks, etc) show up as blue icons with green borders.
  3. Allied military units are shown as yellow icons with blue borders.
  4. Allied economic units are yellow icons with purple borders.
  5. Hostile military units are red icons with red borders.
  6. Hostile economic units are red icons with yellow borders.

Ordering of the units is done in the above order; your military first, then your economic, then allied military, etc

Any time the number of ships goes down to zero of any given type (say, the AI launches a wave and you destroy it), that type will stay on the summary for 60 seconds after the last one died. This lets you still view the tooltip on any ship recently in the system.

If you have ships with a given icon, you can left-click that icon select all of your ships with that icon on the current planet (ship selection modifiers apply; for instance, holding N3 will select only the Mark III version of the unit). If you instead right-click that icon it centers the view on them.

If you do not have any ships with that icon, but enemies do, left or right clicking it will center the view on it. This makes locating Warp Gates, Ion Cannons, or other common targets easy to do when you have scout intel an enemy planet.

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