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How Do I Defend Against The AI Destroying All My Resources?

Q: With AI players of difficulty 6 and up, the AI's frequently send in massive numbers of enemies and destroy all of my undefended resources. I don't have enough (or strong enough) turrets to defend ALL of my resources on every planet. I seem to be stuck chasing the AI ships around, which is really hard when they send something like Raiders if I don't have ships that are that fast. So far I've been rebuilding my metal and crystal harvesters a LOT.

A: If you find this happening to yourself, then you aren't building an effective perimeter or you might be up against an AI type (Backdoor Hacker and Warp Jumper) where perimeter defense is less effective. The Backdoor Hacker has a permanent wormhole into your homeworld while the Warp Jumper can warp into any system that does not have a Warp Jammer Command Station protecting it. Warp Jumper units will always come from the lower right corner of the system, farther out than you can build, but it can give you the time to intercept them.

There are basically two ways to build a perimeter: 1) build a perimeter on your side of the hostile wormhole, or 2) destroy the AI's warp gates on the other side of all the hostile wormholes.


Teleport units could be useful on defense since they can get to a trouble spot almost instantly.

Harvester Exo-shields can be unlocked and put on harvesters that keep getting killed. They do come with a steep ongoing price so use them sparingly and desn't protect against units that are immune to force fields.

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