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Why Do Yellow Come Out Of Nowhere And Hit My Ships?

Q: When I go through wormholes into enemy planets, often I find these blue beams coming out of 'Tachyon Sentinels' and hitting my cloaked ships. What is that?

A: Blue beams are always tachyon beams, which "tag" any cloaked ships that come within their range, making them partially visible (and thus shootable) for around 8 seconds. Generally, the major AI unit that uses tachyon beams is the Tachyon Guardian, a fairly large stationary unit. To stop the AI from tachyoning your scouts, just blow up the Tachyon Sentinel at the wormhole

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What can I as the player do about AI cloaked units?

Q: What can the player use to detect cloaked ships?

A: The player has a few tools at his disposal. The basic unit is the Tachyon Drone, available under the 'support' build tab on command centers, and its upgrade, the Decloaker. There is a set of turrets under the 'turret' tab called Tachyon Emitters, or Cloaked Tachyon Emitters.

Some units also have a tachyon ability, most notably Tachyon Microfighters bonus ship. The Scout Starship includes a limited tachyon ability as well, making them useful as a combat support role as well as a pure scouting ship. Finally, Military command centers have emit tachyon beams in a wide radius, as well as Tachyon Warheads revealing every cloaked ship on a planet.