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What is the Fallen Spire minor faction?

Basically, a scripted campaign for AI War. But it's more interesting than that, so read on.

What is the point?

  • Give you overall direction, from start to victory (or defeat).
  • Add a storyline.
  • Allow you to escalate the conflict from guerilla/skirmish-style battles to a full-scale war.
  • Let you play around with some huge modular capital ships and defensive cities/starbases, and give you challenges worthy of such firepower.
  • Open up new choices.

What kind of new choices?

  • You can choose to pursue the special events, or ignore them.
  • You can choose to start building up a serious military opposition to the AI, or stick to guerilla tactics.
  • You can choose to continue that escalation, or stop it at any point.
  • You can choose whether to use your new power to make open war upon the AI, or to pursue another option that ultimately ends in an alternate way to win the game.

We don't want to shoehorn you into any of these decisions, it's up to you. But the consequences are also yours, and being crushed under an avalanche of AI retaliation is a very real possibility.

How is this different from campaigns in other RTS and 4X games?

  • It takes place within the seamless, open, emergent world of AI War. Those really are not just buzzwords, specifically:
    • Seamless: Each mission/event takes place within the same world, on the same map. So there's none of the usual letdown of your units, buildings, technology, etc all disappearing after every mission.
    • Open: You can pursue the campaign events, but you still must choose what territory to take, what technology to research, what special resources and facilities to capture, what deadly AI targets to destroy. And you face the consequences of those choices.
    • Emergent: When you're on a mission deep in AI territory, what happens if a Hybrid fleet has fortified the target planet? Or the Devourer Golem is wandering through? Or both? Honestly, we can't say: we didn't specifically tell them to do that or how to react when it happens. The results emerge from those unanticipated interactions.
  • It also fully supports co-op, which is somewhat rare among campaigns.

I want details!

We're trying to avoid spoilers here, but: