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  • better way to navigate achievements screen
  • score tracking for each game you finished, like a list or so
  • score details at the end, sure would be nice
  • when rey's ability is triggered, show some msg box or some hint. atm it is so descrete that I sometimes didn't even notice that I already got killed once... maybe just the counter chance colour? I don't know just an idea
  • transfer of item functionalities from unequipped box (similar manner) to eqipped screen box
 => in order to ease change of equipped items from one exo to another and to compare equipped items the same way you can do it as with uneqippped items (eg. klick one from a exo and see which other equipped ones   
 would fit an how they change the stats - on clicking unequip the item from the current exo and equip the item on the selected exo slot (no manner if equipped or unequipped).
 Rigth now this is a hassle - search list & exos for equipped ones, unequip the item, change to unequipped box and the designated exo, then compare the stat changes und maybe equip the exo with it or go back 
 and re-equip the exo you took the item from. Also some kind of group functionality for items with identical stats (only differing in power consumption) could be great. Hope you get the idea. 
 Generally speaking the equipment and comparison functionalities could be improved some more - when you have lots of looted items and are searching for improvements for equipped exos, this is very time consuming. 
 I wouldn't go as far as proposing an item optimization manager, which automatically proposes the best item changes / combinations for a exo/slot (eg. with some kind of configurator like max 1.strenght & 2.range & 
 3.capacity..) as this would take some challenge out of the game and might make it a bit too easy - still this idea could be usefull as a selectable option for unexperienced players. For them this would work well 
 - taking out the complexity of item optimization.
  • Option to get the info box about upleveled robots and mission log back - once you've clicked ok it's gone until the next battle is finished - this should be improved, especially when you saved a game and load it again you lost all info (battle info is gone, so you cant consider the facts about going on or retrying this level from saved game)
  • Optimization of mission log - only way to scroll is by click-hold and slide, which is very hard as it scrolls too fast. A click in the Scrollbar (as in windows with next page down-up) or click in the text and use up-down buttons (next line up-down) would be great. No majour issue, but a bit annoying right now.
  • Ability to remove previously placed turrets (of course without getting them back) so you don't have to waste ammunition destroying turrets that are now in your way