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Below is a list of every Golem in the game - Golems are ancient and powerful Zenith, a race of living starships that once ruled the galaxy. Golems are super units that are left derelict in the galaxy, waiting to be claimed, repaired and used. The AI also has its own, weaker replicas that can appear in some circumstances, such as Exogalactic Strikes, or the Golemite AI Type. They range from the Armored Golem, a short range brawler with a Tesla weapon that increases enemy reload time, to the Artillery Golem, a long ranged unit with a single, very slow firing but very very powerful Zenith Mass Driver, and the immensely powerful Botnet Golem, capable of zombifying entire AI fleets by itself. All Golems count as Arks ingame, except for the Hive and Botnet Golems, who are Lone Wolves.