Gamma-Ray Laser

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BDGammaRayLaserIcon.png Gamma-Ray Laser
Categories Energy Weapons
Damage 400
Range 12
Ammo 18
Area of effect none
Exos Sniper

Long-range energy weapon for sniping fools who come into sight. Sneak attacks! Whenever this fires with an even-numbered amount of ammo charges remaining, the enemy doesn't get a chance to respond.


Despite being nominally a sniper weapon, the Gamma-Ray Laser is also deadly in close-quarters combat due to its double-shot ability. However, its low ammo capacity means it has to be used sparingly; weaker enemies should be left to the Laser Rifle or other exos.

Like the Chain Gun, odd-numbered shots can be fired off to prepare a double shot for the next engagement, but this can be an ill-affordable use of ammo.