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The Dark Spire are an extremely xenophobic offshoot of the main Spire race. They have a presence both in the main galaxy and the nebulae systems. Their rage against all that lives is absolutely terrifying.


Much like the rest of the Spire race, the Dark Spire are starship-sized living crystal beings. Unlike the main Spire race, whose ship/bodies are completely white, the Dark Spire are of a dark grey and red shade.

Role in AI War

The Dark Spire are mainly encountered as a Minor Faction added by the Ancient Shadows expansion. When activated, invulnerable devices known as Vengeance Generators will spawn all over the galaxy. When there's too much conflict and death in the system a Generator is in, it will start spawning Dark Spire ships, which are incredibly strong, and capable of tearing through both Human and AI fleets. Unlike any other minor faction, the Dark Spire will not hold back in destroying irreplaceable devices like Advanced Fabricators and Design Backup Servers, or machinery that increases AI Progress like AI Co-Processors. The ONLY thing a Dark Spire will not attack is an AI Command Station.

Dark Spires can also be found in Nebulae, where they fight against their kin, the Gray Spire. They mainly use 3 ship models: The Shadowblade frigate, the Vengeance heavy frigate, and the Hatred light cruiser. A fourth ship, the Wraith stealth vessel only spawns when a Vengeance Generator is charged.

Role in AI War 2

The Dark Spire proved to be so popular that they returned in AI War 2. The Dark Spire can now spread their influence in other planets by building Vengeance Generator Locuses. If they aren't destroyed, they'll become normal Vengeance Generators, which are indestructible. The AI also developed Dark Spire Wards, which can keep the furious tide from touching planets with these devices.