Racial Ship Name Prefixes

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So, you may have noticed that a lot of ships have names with a prefix that differs based on which race owns it. This is like the US having the USS Enterprise whereas the UK would have the HMS Enterprise. Here is the list of what these are in the game, and what they stand for:

  • The Acutians - AOC - Acutian Owned Craft
  • The Andors - AAV - Andorian Alliance Vessel
  • The Boarines - BPC - Boarine Propulsion Construct
  • The Burlusts - BHC - Burlust Honor-Bound Craft
  • The Evucks - EPV - Evuck Patrol Vessel
  • The Peltian - PPS - Peltian Pod Ship
  • The Thoraxians - TCC - Thoraxian Conquest Construct
  • The Skylaxians - SRS - Skylaxian Research Ship

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