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TLFSkylaxianIcon.png Skylaxians
Alignment Good
Ship strength
Ground strength 1
Construction speed 1.4
Shipbuilding speed 1.2
Research speed Fast
Population growth Medium
The Skylaxians were intelligent and honorable - far too much so. Their opinion of us was clear, so they had to be suppressed.

Honorable -- perhaps to a fault. Very scientifically advanced, very calm, and able to convince most any race of anything -- under the right circumstances. An excellent foundation upon which to build a federation -- but if they don't approve of your actions, you can find them a quick enemy, as well.


The Skylaxians generally get along well with others, but aren't above launching attacks of opportunity on people they don't like. They have one of the highest research speeds in the game (roughly on par with the Evucks) and tend to dominate the late game. Though their ground troops are merely mediocre, their tech advantage means they can usually hold their own in a fight. As an honorable race, they will not bomb planets from orbit.

They have a wide range of deal options, and have the special ability of convincing another race that gets along with them (+90 mutual attitude) to join the Federation even if you lack influence with that race.


The Skylaxian Senate is a 40-member periodically-elected interplanetary body with non-partisan members who all vote their conscience. You can see the amount of support that each type of issue has from the current senators. The amount of support for each issue has a big effect on what deals the Skylaxians will do, and at what Credit costs. Skylaxians refer to bribes as "tribute," and dispense them as rewards to particularly "worthy" members of their populace. Anyway, bribing them gains you influence with the race as a whole.