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Though technically a misnomer, race is the term used to describe the sentient life of the Arcen universe.

Races of AI War

There are five notable races in AI War: the humans, Zenith, Neinzul, Spire and the AI.

Races of The Last Federation

In The Last Federation there are nine sentient civilizations. They are the Hydrals, Acutians, Andors, Boarines, Burlusts, Evucks, Peltians, Thoraxians, and Skylaxians.

Race Name Description Key Details
Hydrals A race of one
  • Dominated the solar system and prevented other races from reaching space. Their tyranny ended explosively when two races successfully conspired to destroy them.
  • The sole survivor now works to ensure peace... at any cost.
Acutians Capitalist robots
  • A dangerous race always looking to make new acquisitions. Hypermercantile, they are led by the CEOs of their most powerful industries.
  • Their top three industries offer services when provided enough "incentive".
  • Unique buildings determine the power of each industry.
  • One of the races that destroyed the Hydral.
Andors Utopian robots
  • Peaceful and benevolent, they will never take a planet from another race. They will fight if they feel the cause is just, but prefer to offer aid to the needy.
  • Their political parties have different capabilities. Possible ruling parties are generated at game start.
Boarines Isolationist ice-beasts
  • Solitary, beastial loners. They are difficult to persuade to action, but once decided it is easier to kill them than stop them. Prefer to avoid solar politics, but possess exceptional powers of mediation.
  • Rage Momentum increases all racial parameters the longer they are at war.
  • Their regent's mood affects available racial actions.
Burlusts Warmongering warlords
  • Respecting strength above all else, they wage war constantly. Their leaders rule for life, which means as long as they can survive assassination attempts, duels and all-out warfare.
  • Political deals require leverage on one of their rulers in place of credits.
  • The player must defeat a Prime Warlord in a duel before they will consider Federation.
Evucks Paranoid Kleptomaniacs
  • The most advanced beings in the solar system. Also unscrupulous, paranoid, and ruthless. Sometimes will detonate their planet rather than allow it to be conquered.
  • Asking favors irritates them, increasing the cost of subsequent actions for a certain number of months.
  • One of the races that destroyed the Hydral.
Peltians Communist agrarians
  • Naive, physically weak and easily intimidated. Though poor in ground combat, they are on par with others in space. Artillerists without peer.
  • They have no use for credits, racial actions have a cost in voting proxies instead.
Skylaxians Honorable scientists
  • Respected for their nobility and technology, they are skilled diplomats. A good foundation for a federation but their strict morality leads them to condemn actions that others see as merely practical.
Thoraxians Terrifying insectoids
  • A race of drones with no value for individual life, ruled by singular queens. Powerful potential allies but very hard to please
  • The moods of their queen determine what racial options are available.

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Race Interactions

The various races can interact in a variety of ways:

More info

From XML game data, can be transferred to individual race pages when they are made.

The Acutians are still in the process of ramping up their space industry, so that gives me a short window of opportunity. But soon their mechanical CEOs will be looking to make planetary "acquisitions." These dangerous, amoral robots destroyed the last remnants of my race after the Evucks almost wiped us out -- having them as my enemy was a given, I think.

The Andors are about the best enemy to have, all in all. They aren't above violence, but I don't think they have any desire to ever spread off their utopian homeworld. Their disapproval means I will find it difficult to get favors from them in the future, however.

The Boarines are angry, there's no doubt about that. They are usually very solitary creatures, but my theft will have them mobbing their regent with requests for my capture, I am sure. I will have to be wary of them in the future.

Given that their entire society, if you can even call it that, is founded on warfare... you'd think they would be impressed, not angry. And to some extent I think they are. But that isn't going to stop the Burlust warlords from all declaring me a blood enemy.

The Evucks are always inscrutable, but their position on my race has been made quite clear, I think. Murdering almost all of us sends a pretty distinct message. Surely I can't have made them hate me any more than they already seemed to.

These pathetic furry communists pose no long-term threat. Their space industry may be stumbling into a start now, but they will have trouble maintaining momentum. They will hate me for stealing their handiwork, but there are bigger threats in this solar system.

The sense of honor of the Skylaxians is... intense. They have disapproved of my race for centuries, but I think they may have been on the cusp of forgiving me. But I've crossed that line -- there's no going back now.

The Thoraxians do not have a substantive space fleet yet, particularly now that I have stolen their flagship. But they are vicious, they are angry, and I am sure their queen is already plotting her revenge. I will have to be extremely careful.

Races of Stars Beyond Reach

Stars Beyond Reach features fourteen races, eleven returning from previous games and three original to this one. Of these, eight races are playable while six are AI-only. Notably, any race controlled by a human player shares a majority of the technology tree, social progress categories, and buildings. As a result human controlled and AI controlled instances of the same race vary greatly.