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Version 1.508

  • Fixed a couple of typos.
    • Thanks to InkEyes' Let's Play for highlighting these.
  • Reduced the Tactical EMP screen flash duration.
    • Thanks to InkEyes' Let's Play for highlighting this.
  • Tweaked Sniper Protocol, which was a bit too strong.

Version 1.507 (Difficulty Smoothing)

(Released January 10th, 2017)

  • Increased the amount you get from damage boosting power ups. These were nerfed a little too hard during the last patch, so have now been pushed back up somewhat.
    • Thanks to Kinix and others for reporting.
  • Overall enemy HP has been reduced by 25%.
  • Increased the the health pickup frequency as well as adding two more variations of health pickup that provide 2 and 3 health each. These can also appear in the cheap shop.
  • Changed Harmony to give you its bonus once every floor, but also moved it to the Secret Room. Secret room items are allowed to be a little extra crazy, bordering on OP, and due to some of the powerful interactions this item can give you, it seems like the more appropriate place.
    • Thanks to Logorouge for suggesting making the bonus work every floor.
  • Fixed a typo on the Deep Blue mech
    • Thanks to Logorouge for reporting.
  • Made Time Machine only seed in secret room.
    • Thanks to Logorouge for reporting.
  • Made the Plasma Punisher shot transparent, so it doesn't block your visibility as much when it goes off.
    • Thanks to Frumple for reporting.
  • Tweaked the timing of Fight or Flight so that the movement speed boost wears off a fair bit before the invincibility does.
    • Thanks to Frumple for reporting.
  • Alterted the CondemenedHunter pattern to make it less pathetically easy on Normal.
    • Thanks to Frumple for reporting.
  • A bunch of individual enemy HPs have been nerfed, and a lot of rooms have had their enemy density decreased.
  • Improved the functioning of the Telekinetic Repulsor Module so that less craziness happens when it interacts with certain enemy bullets. It will now clear most of the shots it pushes.
    • Thanks to Frumple for reporting.

Version 1.506

(Released January 5th, 2017)

  • The three achievement-related bugs all seem to be fixed now.

BETA 1.505

(Released January 3rd, 2017)

This is temporarily only available in a steam beta branch, since it may break things.

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible in some cases to have more than 100% health, which led to visual health bar glitches as well as you actually having more health than you were supposed to.
    • Thanks to eruanion for reporting.
  • Put in recovery code for cases in which previously the player hull could be set to null by you clicking around a lot during world generation; it now chooses a random hull when it hits such a case, rather than just dying. Actually fixing the root issue is of course next on the list, but there may be multiple ways to trigger this.
  • Added tooltips to the icons on the bottom right of the file select screen.
  • Fixed a longstanding but little-seen issue where mouse or key presses during the creation of a new run would corrupt the run in many cases.
  • Fixed ConductiveHull stats.
  • Reduced Cryofreeze Module volume a bit.
  • Fixed a null reference exception that apparently could happen sometimes when either starting the tutorial for the first time or possibly related to exiting or entering certain rooms.
  • Fixed yet another nullref exception that could happen, this time in minimap rendering right when changing states.

BETA 1.504

(Released January 2nd, 2017)

This is temporarily only available in a steam beta branch, since it may break things.

  • Updating to Unity 5.5.0p3, which seems to fix the errors we were having in 5.5.0f1 when resizing or maximizing the screen.

BETA 1.503

(Released December 21st, 2016)

This is temporarily only available in a steam beta branch, since it may break things.

  • Updating to Unity 5.5.0f1.
  • Reduced Gravity Cannon player defense to 2 seconds from 4.
    • Thanks to Logorouge for reporting.
  • Reduced Arcoris x4 to 3 minions instead of 4, which was a mistake. So now there are actually 4 in total not 5.
    • Thanks to the person who reported this, sorry I forgot who it was (maybe Monkooky in Discord!).
  • Made Spire Knowledge description more specific.
    • Thanks to Monkooky for reporting.
  • Fixed Conductive Hull energy amount.
    • Thanks to Logorouge for reporting.
  • Removed the fire rate boost from Jack of All Trades. This needed a bit of a nerf.
    • Thanks to Z99-_ for the feedback.
  • Adjusted the Interceptor drone description to be clearer.
    • Thanks to Z99-_ for the feedback.
  • Reduced Loco HP a little.
    • Thanks to eruanion for the feedback.
  • Adjusted the Cryofreeze module damage which was way too high.
    • Thanks to Z99-_ for reporting.
  • Reduced the drop frequency of modules by half. They now also seed in weapon and defense shops.
    • Thanks to Monkooky and others for the feedback.
  • Adjusted the Deep Blue mech energy multiplier to 1.5 from 2.
    • Thanks to Logorouge for the feedback.
  • Removed some the floor revealing perks, but added new perks Resupply and Rally.
  • All new/improved perk art added.
  • Changed the SFX on the Mini-Swarm enemy.
    • Thanks to carldong for reporting.

BETA 1.502

(Released November 11th, 2016)

This is temporarily only available in a steam beta branch, since it may break things.

  • TinyDamageBoost and TinyEnergyBoost now appear as powerups on the status screen
    • Thanks to Motai
  • Interaction of range extension modifiers and Incineration and Cryofreeze modules is now more reasonable, but less awesome
    • Thanks to Logorouge
  • Fixed reversal of DoorEvil and DoorBoss
    • Thanks to SJD
  • Rocket Man now only last for a floor.
    • Thanks to Logorouge and others for reporting.
  • Cluster Launcher no longer does friendly fire.
    • Thanks to DarkTwinge's stream for highlighting this.
  • Revenge Module replaced with Plasma Punisher Module. Whenever you get hit, fires a burst of plasma that stuns enemies.
  • Main minigun SFX beefed up a little, and particle trail added to the Torpedo Cannon shots.
    • Thanks to Goldenwolf for these changes.
  • Simplified and nerfed Destruction module. It just does the damage boost now, and doesn't give extra shots(this is part of a general module refinement process).
  • added suppress_aoe_destruction_of_shots flag to system
  • Grenade Launcher and Cluster Launcher no longer destroy enemy shots (which was super OP).
    • Thanks to Monkooky and others for reporting.
  • Boomerang Needler aesthetics have been made a bit more boomerang-y. It now uses an animated shot.
    • Thanks to Goldenwolf for these changes.
  • Removed the friendly fire on Detonating Rose.
    • Thanks to Logorouge for reporting.
  • Clarified the Looter probation description.
    • Thanks to Logorouge for reporting.
  • Increased the size of Paragon's hitbox, which was way too small.
    • Thanks to Logorouge for reporting.
  • Added the Telekinetic Repulsor Module to replace the Reactive Shock Module.
  • Tweaked the Combat Shield look and function. You can now push enemies back with it, too.
  • Changed the Kunai SFX a bit, and the shot type.
    • Thanks to Goldenwolf for these changes.
  • Kunai is now also in the energy weapon position. Before it was in the main gun position.
  • Added SFX for Fragment enemy, Combat Shield, Battering Ram, and new Boss Intro SFX. New Javelineer thrust particle.
    • Thanks to Goldenwolf for these changes.
  • Vastly improved the efficiency of the Zombot.
    • Thanks to WindlessZephyr's stream for highlighting this problem. Also thanks to eruanion for reporting.
  • Made it so that you can't waste Alternate Deality when outside of a shop room.
  • Gave the Green Envy innate revealing of Item and Secret rooms. Also buffed the passive bonuses a bit. Edit: changed this to innate ability to find higher tier loot earlier than the other mechs.
  • Changed the Revenge Rams to be bigger and do more damage and greater AOE.
  • Improved the GravityCannon and MiniatureBlackHole a bit. These are much less likely to cause you to take damage now.
  • Improved TacticalEMP.
    • Thanks to Logorouge for reporting.
  • Cleared up the Serrated Spine Launcher description.
    • Thanks to Logorouge for reporting.
  • Reduced Conductive Hull to 60 energy gain.
    • Thanks to Logorouge for reporting.
  • All the Condemned Room aesthetics overhauled. Shots, SFX, and particles. Plus some tweaks.
    • Thanks to Goldenwolf for these changes.
  • Fixed a buggy interaction between Photoelectric and Big Leaky Battery.
    • Thanks to eruanion for reporting.
  • The Perk Overhaul and Balance Update (plus other stuff)
    • For Misery's breakdown of the changes go here:,19218.0.html
    • Lots of new general perks added such as Savings Interest, An Eye For an Eye, Bloody Rage, Big Game Hunter, and many more.
    • At least one unique perk for each mech such as Flame Master.
    • Many existing perks revamped such as Heavyweight, Resistance (was Deftness)
    • The perk level placements have been adjusted a lot, so that options need to be thought about a lot more. No more massive DPS no brainers.
    • Adjustments so that attrition is more of a thing, the main one being that health items now only restore 1HP. Gearing up and combatting attrition is now more of a challenge.
    • Enemy damage scaling has been removed. No longer do early floor enemies just get buffed on later floors, so you have to think a bit more strategically about what enemies in the current rooms are threats or not. Certain dangerous looking enemies will hit hard and need to be taken down quickly.
    • Floor size has been reduced significantly so that run length is reduced overall.
    • Upgrade damage boosts have been reduced a lot. The maximum single upgrades now are +40% and x33%, with most giving between +10% and +20% instead of numbers like +50% and +75%.
    • More XP bonus resources. There are now 3 versions of XP resource pickup. Sometimes you can find rare ones that will give you a big boost.
    • New enemies from Misery such as Disservers, Ramparts, and more.
    • A lot of small tweaks that we've probably forgotten about.
  • Fixed AOE not waking enemies bug.
  • Fixed Needler Probe respawn when buying new familiars bug.
    • Thanks to Windless Zephyr for highlighting this.
  • Reduced Stomper volume.
    • Thanks to Logorouge for reporting.
  • Fixed a bug where the "unlocked all items" achievement was erroneously given to players previously.

Version 1.501

(Released August 6th, 2016)

  • Fixed a bug that was breaking some older savegames.
  • Increased difficulty of Twin Suns.
  • Tiny Energy Boost now grants 10 energy for 5 credits
  • Dilithium Power Cell now grants 20 energy for 15 credits
  • SurvivalPack readded
  • Fixed Credit10 frequency in pools rate
  • Adjusted the missile systems a bit.
  • Acid Maw damage multiplier increased from 1.2 to 1.4
    • Thanks to logorouge for inspiring the change

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