Tidalis:0.853 Beta Release

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Notes From The Producer: June 14, 2010

No special notes this time!

--Christopher M. Park

New & Updated Levels

  • Added 2 new sampler levels, one focused on special blocks, one focused on items.
  • All of the sampler levels have been made easier.

New & Updated Art/Music/Sound

  • There are now sound effects for when a hidden level is uncovered, and for when a new achievement is won.
  • The font colors used in the cutscenes has been tweaked to be more attractive and legible while still retaining the difference between spoken text and stage direction text.
  • The font colors used on the HUD elements right next to the board have been updated to be more attractive.

Gameplay Additions

Gameplay Updates

New Level Editor Features


  • There is now a settings option for skipping the automatic check for updates to the game.
    • Thanks to BajaBoojum for suggesting.
  • Loading an Item-Survival board in the editor no longer adds a can-o-beans item to the pre-populated item stock unless there is not one already there.
  • Added loss level text to all sampler levels.
  • Made the sampler set accessible via the play->levels menu.
  • Added a new FontType.BlackMedium font size.
  • Increased the font sizes on the before-level window to aid in readability when there is a fair bit of loose text on that screen, while keeping the aesthetic of the partially-transparent black window background.


  • Fixed some rare (and non-crashing) exceptions in direction-dragging.
  • Previously there was a bug where if the server could not be contacted for checking for updates, then a permanent (unless you press F3) message would be left on the screen. Fixed so that the message is temporary.
    • Thanks to BajaBoojum for reporting.
  • Fixed a tooltip error on the time limit textbox in the level editor (the level editor is in seconds, whereas the other places that same tooltip was being used are in minutes -- those tooltips have been split out now).
  • Previously, there was a bug where on some larger resolutions there was a bit of "dead space" at the top right of the game board for the mouse cursor. Fixed.
  • Previously, depending on how Tidalis was launched, it's working directory could be set so that it looked in the wrong location for settings.dat and similar. This caused issues with Spaces on OSX, as well as for launching the game from the updater on Windows. This should now be fixed.

Internal Programming Notes