Valley 1:Warp Scrolls

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How They Work

If you have the dungeon map up (default keybinding is ',') then clicking on any chunk in the dungeon map that you've already been to will warp you there. Let's say you want to get back to the interior of a building, you can open up the region map (default keybinding is '.') and then click on the building interior which will open up that building's dungeon map allowing you to click on an area you've already been to in there to warp there. Same thing applies for underground caverns.

If you are inside a building or in an underground cavern and you want to get back to the world map, then you can open up the region map and click on the surface which will open up the surface dungeon map. You can then click on the first chunk on the surface to be automatically warped to the edge of the screen for easy access to the world map.

A Valley Without Wind