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Science Exo
BDScienceExoPortrait.png BDScienceExoEpicPortrait.png
BDScienceExoSprite.gif BDScienceExoEpicSprite.gif
Weapons Laser Rifle
Chain Gun
Shields 100 / 200
Power 120 / 150
Sensor range 12 / 15
Stealth actions 15
Reactor slots 3 / 4
Shield slots 1 / 2
Propulsion slots 3 / 3
Computer slots 4 / 5
Bonuses +6 Hacking points
+50% Computer-related

Way more computer system slots than normal, +50% computer stats: perfect for for hacking, scanning, and jamming. Borderline weapons and shields except for the powerful chain gun.

Otherwise known as the !!Science!! Exo.

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