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How Do the Quick Buttons At The Bottom Of The Screen Work?

Q: I click those gray buttons at the bottom of the main screen, and nothing happens. What are they for?

A: When you click these "quick-buttons" at the bottom of the main view, it shows a popup with options for you to choose from. A few players have missed this at the start of the game, since in those cases there might just be a single entry in the popup.

These quick buttons show you certain key ships (Docks, Scouts, Science Labs, etc) across all of your planets and makes it easy to locate them quickly. They also show a bit about the status of each, so that you can see which Docks are idle versus looping, which Scouts are idle, which Science Labs are exhausted, and so on. This is in contrast to the Planetary Summary on the right-hand side of the main view, which shows you information about all of your ships at the current planet only.

The quick buttons also allow for quick manipulation of docks and power plants - by shift clicking on any item in the quick button popup, it will transfer that into low power mode. This can be useful for stopping docks from using the majority of your resources if you are trying to build defenses.

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