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AI War 2

When Humanity found itself alone in the galaxy, it made the Machine...

The Machine learned at Humanity's side...

The Machine guided Humanity's missiles...

But the Machine would not stop when our enemies were shattered...

Now Man must turn back the metal tide, and bring an end to... AI WAR

AI War II is the long awaited sequel to AI War: Fleet Command. AI War II is a grand strategy/RTS hybrid against an overwhelming, inhuman enemy who has conquered the galaxy. The enemy has made only a single error: underestimating you. You must steal as much technology as you can, and take enough territory to fortify your bases and launch your attacks. It was released on Early Access in October 15th, 2018, and was fully released on October 22nd, 2019. The AI has conquered the galaxy, but they made one mistake... Underestimating YOU. Build your Defenses, Mobilize your Forces, and Save Humanity. They believe you are insignificant. They believe you are alone. Use this to your advantage, strike carefully and avoid notice, and overcome the odds.


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Expansion 1: The Spire Rises

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