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TLFObscuraIcon.png Obscura
Alignment Absolute Evil
Ship strength Massive
Ground strength Massive
Construction speed Fast
Shipbuilding speed Fast
Research speed Fast
Population growth 340m at start.
A horrifying invasion of particle-based life forms that cannot be communicated with or reasoned with.

The Obscura are a hostile race introduced in The Last Federation: Betrayed Hope as part of the Invasion game mode.


The Obscura are a particle-based lifeform which, in Invasion Mode, enters the solar system at the same time the Acutians and the Evucks wipe out the Hydrals. In this case, when the Last Hydral crash lands on one of the remaining planets, the Obscura follow them and wipe out the local population. The protagonist narrowly escapes in a prototype spacecraft and races off to warn the other races of the danger and convince them to partake in a counterattack. The Obscura are shown to be much tougher than the average species with advanced ships and ground forces which usually require armadas to wear down and destroy. To compare with other sci-fi species, they're like a combination of the Gulanee and the Omec from Defiance.


In Invasion Mode, the Obscura will conquer the planet the Last Hydral crash-landed in. They will be a dangerous threat to all the other races. They can't be reasoned with and will do everything in their power to kill everything in the system. The Obscura are an absolute menace. More than two Obscura ships at once will easily wreck most fleets, and in battle they usually deploy around 4. The only surefire way to defeat them is by convincing the other races that they are more dangerous than their petty squabbles.

In Standard Mode, the Obscura remain present, but as a scattered nuisance rather than a grave threat. They control multiple hideouts which the player will sometimes be asked to attack to find cures for various diseases. Even then, they should never be underestimated.


The Obscura are highly unusual in battle. Their ships deal an unique damage type, Subspace, and are able to fire massive volleys of bullets at enemies, quickly tearing any opposition to pieces. The Obscura use 4 ship types:

Obscura Ships