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Shields 400
Damage 140
Range 4
Ammo 99
Virus cost 1x

Beefy but buggy, this tank-like bot shuts down for two turns every time it takes damage.


Although they are very dangerous on paper, an exo can easily stunlock two of them at once (more, if the Gamma-Ray Laser, Chain Gun or an AoE weapon is used). Due to their high health, they do require copious amounts of ammunition to destroy, however.

Multiple consecutive hits on a TigerBot will result in accumulated stun time.

In tight levels with large numbers of TigerBots, an effective ammo-saving strategy is to virus one TigerBot, then follow it around. When you encounter another TigerBot, shoot it to briefly disable it, then let your friendly TigerBot stunlock and kill it.

Beware of TigerBots that have been buffed by MastermindBots; their double turn allows them to recover from stun much more quickly.