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Buildings are constructed on planets by races, or in cooperation with the actions of the player. They fall into several categories including science and manufacturing. There is also an ultimate building for each race which can only be built late in the game.

Manufacturing buildings

Science buildings

Attitude buildings

Increase or decrease the relations between races.

  • 15 new buildings in the property development dispatch option.
  • These buildings all have an ongoing monthly effect on the attitudes of races towards one another even if they are at war with one another. Each building is kind of a passive export that some races appreciate, and some don't. So you get some positive and negative effects with 2-4 other races beyond the one that holds the building, and this is a great way to build up relations between races outside of trade.
  • There are another 13 attitude factor types for races to go along with these, too.
  • The races do not build these of their own accord, so this is entirely something you get to manage.
  • Does not affect the race that built the building (cannot hate or like itself)
  • Buildings that the race disproves of can no longer be built by that race (1.017)

Table shows 1.008 values compiled by windgen. The real game values are higher by 20% (changed in 1.012). The values should be divided by 100 to show the actual monthly gains.


Ultimate buildings (Spoilers!)

  • Peltian Asteroid Perturber: Unique Peltian ultimate weapon. Every 30 to 90 months, causes an asteroid to rapidly change trajectory and fly at another race's planet or outpost. The effects on planets are devastating, ripping through defense armadas as well as killing massive numbers of the populace.
  • Evucks Psyops Broadcast Tower [race]: Unique Evuck ultimate weapon. Causes the [race] to descend into a state of perpetual internal war, tearing themselves apart until the tower itself is destroyed.
  • Burlust Psyops Virus Development Center: Unique Burlust ultimate weapon. Causes ALL races in the entire solar system to go absolutely crazy with bloodlust, and be locked in the Warlike stance until the virus center is destroyed. Being in a warlike stance doesn't mean that a race will immediately be at war with everyone, but it does make conflict overwhelmingly likely and frequent.
  • Skylaxian Cyberwarfare Facility: Unique Skylaxian ultimate weapon. Emits an advanced self-replicating worm that causes all non-allied robotic races to descend into a state of perpetual internal war. The worm depends on the cyberwarfare facility for continual evolution, however, so if the facility is destroyed then the robots will recover.
  • Thoraxian Search And Destroy Command Center: Unique Thoraxian ultimate weapon. Every 30 to 90 months, launches a powerful Thoraxian Hunter Fleet, which seeks out and destroys pirate bases... and then you, personally.
  • Acutian Industrial Sabotage Launchpad: Unique Acutian ultimate fiscal weapon. Every month, the Economy for every non-allied race drops by 1. Perpetually, unless the launchpad is destroyed.
  • Boarine Isolation Shield: Unique Boarine ultimate defense system. And absolutely impenetrable, invisible shield encircles the entire planet, protecting the planet's surface from all attacks -- ground attacks, bombings, you name it. Does not protect Boarine space armadas, however, since they are outside the shield.


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